Our Approach

We Put Emphasis on Smart,

Innovative Drug Development

Jabez™ Pharma Holdings, Inc. ("Jabez") is a is a pharmaceutical company which utilizes collaborative partnerships to develop, manufacture and commercialize unique drug products.

Founded in 2018, the company’s primary focus is its ability to find and fund higher levels of science for pharmaceutical purposes and clinical trials, finishing at the commercial stage.

Rather than becoming a standard generics company, our focus is on projects that bring value to the patient through improved medicine, enhanced drug delivery systems and reduced costs.

The Jabez Network of Companies

Uniquely positioned for long-term success in both the Pharmaceutical and Cannabinoid markets, Jabez is committed to utilizing proven scientific methods to produce wellness products through our diverse network of organizations.

Jabez Pharma, Inc.

The Jabez drug development arm of paragraph III and 505(b)(2) generic drugs.

Jabez Wellness, Inc.

Brick & mortar wellness centers. Over 25,000 patients enrolled, coupled with an Over-the-counter retail arm.

Jabez Phytosciences, Inc.

The Jabez cannabinoid research arm, introducing Jabez 50/50™ products.

Jabez Rx, Inc.

The Jabez prescription pharma distribution and manufacturing arm.

Our Mission

jabez pharma inc drug development company
  • Capitalize on success to chart a higher trajectory of sustainable profit growth through science and technological advances.
  • Address unmet medical needs, improve clinical outcomes and build cost-effective healthcare systems by embracing innovation and side-by-side research.
  • Implement cutting-edge technologies that lead to new treatment alternatives, lowering development costs and shortening development time frames.
  • Collaborate with our partners to research, create and provide unique drug delivery systems.
  • Generate more success and create value for shareholders through a diverse portfolio of new drugs.
Pharmaceuticals For Clinical TrialsJabez 50/50™ CBD Products

Why Jabez?

Technical, regulatory, economic and social dynamics are dramatically changing the twenty-first century pharmaceutical world, making it more challenging than ever to develop sustainable and profitable drug-to-market opportunities.

This hyper-competitive and ever evolving drug development company landscape demands unique cost effective solutions. With the over eighty-five years combined experience and success, the Jabez management team’s ability to manage portfolio selection, complex supply chain, compliant API and finished dose global manufacturing and sourcing makes us well-positioned for the future specialty needs of the US patient populations.

Through exclusive development and long term relationship partner based strategies with finished dose, formulation, and active pharmaceutical ingredient manufacturers, Jabez will provide the expertise required to ensure the highest standards of quality for our drugs on the market.

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